North Cowichan Forest Carbon Project


Exciting New Opportunity for North Cowichan

July 7, 2020

You can't have your cake and eat it too.

Or in North Cowichan's case - you can't stop the logging and continue to generate revenue from the forest.

Maybe not, according to a new report release by the Municipality - The Carbon Project Feasibility Assessment by 3GreenTree Ecosystem Services Ltd.

The report makes the case that North Cowichan (MNC) could stop logging, sell carbon credits, generate comparable earnings to the logging and sequester almost 20,000 t CO2e a year - greatly reducing the Municipalities net greenhouse gas emissions.

Other important points in the report:

  1. MNC could continue to maintain and thin the forest to promote forest health and reduce fire risk and not violate the conditions of the Forest Carbon Project.  
  2. MNC could open up the Forest Carbon Project to include private landowners - so they could generate carbon credit revenue in lieu of logging.
  3. MNC gets to choose who can buy the carbon credits - The report suggests that we sell to local governments and local businesses - not large international companies.

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